Sexual Harassment Workgroup

The Maryland Women's Caucus Sexual Harassment Workgroup was formed in November 2016.


The Workgroup mission was to understand and evaluate the efficacy of the Legislature's existing sexual harassment policy, and make recommendations for improvement if necessary. 

Letter from the President

A letter from the Maryland Women's Caucus President, Delegate Ariana Kelly


Recommendations of the Sexual Harassment Policy Workgroup (February 2018)


  • Feb 2018: Sexual Harassment Policy Workgroup issues Recommendations, including steps that could be taken to:
    • improve trainings
    • establish a more accessible and confidential reporting process
    • strengthen accountability mechanisms
    • foster cultural change from the top down
  • Feb 2018: Full Report of the Sexual Harassment Policy Workgroup (includes Recommendations)
  • March 2017: Report from Policy Evaluation Workgroup
  • November 2016: Report from Policy Clarification Workgroup


    Personal Stories From Interns, Staff, Lobbyists and Legislators


    Selected resources utilized to inform our Recommendations

    Expert Testimony and Technical Support

    Individuals who provided expert testimony and/or technical support to the Workgroup