Workplace Harassment Commission

Meeting 1
Feb 16, 2018

To watch:

Transcript: LINK

The next meeting will be March 23, 2018.


In January 2018, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and Speaker Mike Busch announced the creation of a workgroup to examine the policies dealing with workplace sexual harassment in all three branches of Maryland state government.

Jeanne D. Hitchcock, Esq., Chair
Members: Kathleen M. Cahill, Esq.; Diane M. Croghan; Lisa L. Jackson, Esq.; Lisae C. Jordan, Esq.; Mary T. Keating, Esq.; Amanda S. LaForge, Esq.; Celeste Morgan; Michael E. Morrill; Margaret M. (Peggy) Naleppa, Dr.M., James N. Robey; Susan H. Russell; Elisabeth A. Sachs, Esq.; Sophia R. Silbergeld.


Meeting Materials: